Piece of the Puzzle

Piece of the Puzzle

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adoption Update

WOW! I can't believe how much time and how much activity has passed since I last blogged. we are officially adopting!!

A quick update -  We started working with Bethany Christian Adoption Agency to complete our adoption home study. In April, Fil and I traveled to Jamaica to submit our Jamaican paperwork to the Child Development Agency and to spend time with our little guy. This was Fil's first trip to Jamaica and his first time meeting Keddar. We couldn't tell Keddar about our plans to adopt him, but we had a great week spending time with him and getting to know him better.

We had a blessed meeting at the CDA, the social worker was so helpful and supportive of our plans to adopt. She gave us a lot of tips to help make the process smoother for us. Part of the Jamaican process involves advertising for relatives in the local paper before releasing a child for adoption. The "ads" began to run while we were there, so we are prayerful that this will not hinder our progress.

Since our return, we have had Fil's mom living with us, foot injuries, crazy work schedules, a high school graduation, 6th grade promotion and a move!! All of this has kept us a little busy - which is why the lapse of blogs.  I look forward to keeping this more updated.

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