Piece of the Puzzle

Piece of the Puzzle

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Wait Is Over!

Once again, I have let this blog lapse. Life has been so busy, but more importantly so little was happening with the adoption, that there just wasn't much to share expect for heartache, frustration, and disappointment.  I will however create a post with a timeline of event that have occurred over the past 32 months.

But, today brings GREAT news!! We have finally received our USCIS approval for our little guy to come home! Hubby and I will be flying out to Jamaica this coming Saturday!! We should receive KG's visa next Friday and return home next Saturday, Aug. 31 with our son. I can't believe that we are finally at the end of the first leg of this journey. It is so surreal.

Quite honestly, after waiting and waiting and waiting, my first thought when we got the news was "Oh, No. WAIT! Am I really ready for this???" I'm excited, scared, nervous, ecstatic, anxious. overjoyed - just one big ball of emotion. Everything changes from here forward. The life we've known is no more, on so many levels.

We marching head on into uncharted territory. We have no road map, no plan, no guideline, no template, but what we do have is so much more. We have the One who has been with us all along, the One who knows the end from the beginning, the One who knew we would be right here, right now. That is my comfort. That is what I am holding on to. It is that knowledge that is going to allow me to get on that plan in less than 48 hours and bring a 12 year old from another country into my home and be his first and forever mommy.

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