Piece of the Puzzle

Piece of the Puzzle

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Stay Amazed

I know that I shouldn't be amazed at how God brings things together, but I am!! Yesterday Fil and I were sharing with a coworker/friend and her husband about our adoption when they stopped by to look at a freezer we were giving them. In jest, I told them that in exchange for the freezer they had to contribute to our adoption fundraiser. We chatted a bit about the adoption and fundraising and they left. Early today, my friend texted me a bunch of questions about Keddar and our story. It got me curious about what she was up to because she was asking such specific questions. She told me that she was working on a fundraising effort for us. Later in the morning, she admitted that she had contacted our school district to get permission for her to do the Piece of the Puzzle fundraiser at our school site. She was working on a flyer to send to the district for approval. I couldn't believe this. When I mentioned the fundraiser to her yesterday, I never expected for her to spearhead an effort for us. I am so humbled and thankful for her and her husband's support.  Inside, I have really been a little nervous about the fundraising. I have a hard time asking people for money and I wasn't sure if we could really sell 500 pieces (I know . . . oh me of little faith). They flyer is gorgeous (in fact, Fil and I based ours off of the one she made) and so PERFECT!! I don't know what caused her to be so moved by our situation, but I am so blessed. As I said, I am just amazed at how God is at work, even when we doubt.

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